What is an eTA?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a mandatory travel document for travelers visiting Canada for under 6 months. An eTA is a requirement for foreigners not subject to visa, that are traveling to Canada ONLY BY AIR. The eTA is valid for up to five years and must be renewed either when it itself expires, or, when your passport expires; whichever comes first. The eTA is automatically electronically connected to your passport but it does not guarantee entry into Canada. Passport and other important documents will be requested at the border to determine entry.

How long does it take to process an eTA?

Most eTAs are processed and approved within 30 minutes to an hour. Try to refrain from making mistakes and double-check your work so that you can receive your application as soon as possible.

If my passport information has been changed, what should I do?

If your passport information changes (renewal, change in last name, etc.), you need to apply for a new electronic travel authorization document and discard your old one.

When I’m granted an eTA will I be able to enter Canada?

The eTA does not guarantee entry into canada. It is a document that an immigration officer will utilize to determine whether you will be granted or denied access.

What do I do if I made a mistake in my application?

Please look over all of the fields before submitting your form. If you realize you entered information incorrectly after submitting your form, please message us ASAP through the "CONTACT" tab with your name and details of the application. Incorrect information in the application will delay the time it takes to receive your eTA and, if unnoticed, can deny you entry into Canada.

I did not receive my eTA through email

Check your "Spam", "Bulk Mail" or "Junk email" folder. Select the option "This is not Spam/Junk" so you can receive further emails from us if ever necessary. If you still cannot find the email, contact customer support through the "Contact Us" page.

How long can I stay in Canada with an eTA?

Most visitors are allowed a maximum six-month stay. An immigration officer at the port of entry will determine how long you can stay in Canada at your arrival and tell you at which date you must leave.

Who is exempt from the eTA system?
  • Citizens of the United States of America

  • Travelers entering Canada by sea or land

  • Travelers from countries that require a visa to enter Canada

  • Flight crews

  • Citizens of France residing and traveling from St. Pierre and Miquelon

  • Temporary residents with a valid Canadian visa

  • Canadian permanent residents or citizens

  • Accredited diplomats​